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Saluki Welfare Fund

The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club, the Northern Saluki Club, and the Saluki Welfare Fund are the organisations to which most Saluki owners in the UK belong. The breed clubs organise shows, run seminars, produce publications, and generally promote the Saluki as a sporting and show hound as well as a fine companion.

The Saluki Welfare Fund is a Trust set up to care for and rehome Salukis "which in some way fall on hard times, whether from cruelty or plain misfortune".

It is the concern of the two clubs and the Welfare Fund that all Salukis should have a comfortable, caring home and that no healthy dog should be destroyed through lack of a good owner.

Most Salukis are registered with the Kennel Club and each year around 140 puppies are bred, most of which are booked to a suitable home before birth. Saluki Welfare is the safety net for those Salukis in trouble and like all rescue organisations depends on help for maintaining, fostering and rehoming unlucky or mistreated hounds.


In 1993 The Saluki Welfare Fund gained Charity status. Its main object is primarily to care for the ever increasing number of Salukis that require re-homing. As well as the Charity's own fundraising activities both Clubs help to raise funds.

You may be considering adopting a saluki. If so, please see the "Considering adopting" page under the "Re-homing Dogs" menu for a short resumé of what that would entail.


Should you have a saluki that you can no longer keep, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, should you be having health or behavioural problems with your saluki, we will assist if we possibly can.

Please refer to the 'Contact us' page on this website for details of how to get in touch.

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