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Our Adoption Process

The initial stages of the adoption process begin with you contacting one of the two rescue wardens (see below).

If you are unable to contact the warden for your own area of the country please try the other number, as both wardens liase daily.

The warden will then discuss with you over the phone your specific situation, i.e. whether you have had a saluki before, why you feel a saluki would be right for you, what your work hours are and what other pets you may have. So that you know the sort of things we are concerned with, the sort of questions we would be asking and the areas we are interested in there are some examples listed below

If, after talking it through with us, you decide you would still like to be considered for a saluki, we will arrange a home visit. This will usually be carried out by a saluki owner in your locale and is an informal, friendly meeting. You will probably find that you would have already discussed several of the areas with the Welfare Warden prior to the home check visit. This repetition is in order to ensure that both you and the dog will have the best chance of a happy and safe future and that the Saluki which is selected is the best match for you and your lifestyle. A good range of quality biscuits is always found to be an advantage in these situations.

If all goes well and we are satisfied that you can offer a secure and loving home to one of our hounds, we will then talk to you about any salukis that are currently in our care. If we have something that would seem to be suitable, you will be invited to go and meet the saluki, and you may be asked to take with you any other dog that you own so that they can meet on neutral territory. You will typically get the chance to have a chat, over a cup of tea, with the dog's foster carer, when you will have an opportunity to ask questions and to learn as much as possible of what is known about your selected saluki. If all parties are happy you will then be allowed to take the saluki home. We ask for a donation, which enables us to continue our work. If at any stage in the saluki's later life it should become necessary to part with the dog, Saluki Welfare must be consulted.

We prefer to talk to prospective owners on the telephone rather than by email and contact details for our Welfare Wardens are shown below


Examples of welfare questions and concerns;

  • General questions
    • Have you ever owned a dog before?
    • Have you ever owned a Saluki before?
    • Do you have any other pets?
    • Are any small animals safely secured in suitable housing?
  • Your home
    • Do you have a garden ?
    • Is your garden securely enclosed ?
    • How high are the fencing/hedging/gates?
    • Where will the dog be housed whilst left?
    • Type of property ie house, flat etc.
    • Is your home owned or rented?
    • If rented do you have landlords permission to own a dog?
  • Your family
    • How many adults in your home (Over 16)?
    • How many children in your home (Under 16)?
  • Your lifestyle
    • Do you work?
    • How many hours would the dog be left during a normal day?
    • How often do you plan to walk your dog?
    • Where do you plan to walk your dog?
  • Collecting the dog
    • Do you have your own transport ?
    • Can you only travel a certain distance (Maximum Miles)


Contact details:

For South and West of England: Jacqueline O’Curry

For North of England and Scotland: Christine Harrison



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