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Can you help with fostering a dog?

Our doggy foster carers are an important aspect of the way we manage our rescue activities and it is these volunteers which allow us to provide a flexible and cost effective method of looking after dogs which are waiting to be found a new permanent home.

By placing dogs with foster homes, rather than being in kennels, we believe that there is less stress for the rescued dog who is kept in an environment in which they can be assessed and nurtured before being found their new home. Often our carers will have their own dogs and sharing a home with other dogs is a good way of re-acclimatising some of our rescues back into that environment.

The sort of things we would be looking for in prospective foster homes are very similar to the criteria you may have read on the 'considering adopting' page;


  • Do you currently have salukis?
  • If not, have you in the past owned salukis?
  • If not salukis, do you currently, or have you in the past, owned your own dogs?
  • Do you have any experience with 'troubled' dogs?


  • Do you have a garden or suitable outdoor area?
  • Is this area securely enclosed (6' walls / fences are preferred)
  • Is there a safe, secure area where the dog can be left unattended? (Is there space for a dog crate?)
  • Do you have any other pets, and how comfortable would they be with a strange dog appearing in their home?
  • How are your neighbours? Would they be OK with a dog that howled or barked?


  • How long would the dog need to be on its own each day?
  • How often would you be able to walk the dog?
  • Do you have your own transport? Can you only travel a certain distance?
  • Would you be comfortable with a dog which caused disturbance to your home or routine?

We would like to stress that these are not defined yes/no criteria for assessing a prospective foster home, however, these are here as a guide for you in the sort of considerations we would have.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay you for being a foster carer, however, we would provide you with a daily allowance to cover food and other costs, and would take care of any out of pocket expenses related to the care of the dog.

If you feel you would like to help us by becoming one of our foster homes then in the first instance please contact one of our Welfare Wardens (their numbers are on the contact page) and we would be most happy to discuss it with you.


Contact details:

For South and West of England: Jacqueline O’Curry

For North of England and Scotland: Christine Harrison

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